Visionary rapé

Visionary rapé


Origin: Piaroa
Region: Orinco basin, Venezuela
Content: Yopo seeds | shell of Giant Amazonian Snail
Uses: Visionary, psychedelic purposes. Mind expanding, higher awareness.
The Piaroa are also known as De’arua, which can be translated as ‘masters of the forest’.

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The Piaroa are also known as De’arua, which can he translated as masters of the forest. They make a rape which is 100% mapacho free. The snuff contains a high amount of ground seeds of Anadenanthera peregrina, better known as Yopo. The seeds are a known source of the several tryptamines. The ground snail shell functions as an alkaline calcium source that supports the uptake of the psychotropic alkaloids through the sinuses.

This type of rape is well documented and is typically known as a visionary snuff for shamanic purposes during healing rituals and tribal celebrations. A similar snuff is prepared with plant material from Virola species. Confusingly, both snuffs are referred to as parica in ethnobotanical literature. This lead to a dispute onto the identification of the botanical sources of South American snuffs in general and of those called parica. However, we are sure that this rape only contains Yopo.

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