Grounding rapé

Grounding rapé


Origin: Yawanawa tribe
Region: Acre, Brazil
Content: Mapacho | Parica | Bobinsana
Uses: Grounding, empathogen, clearing respiratory system, stomach and solar plexus issues

This rape with Parica and Bobinsana (Calliandra angustifolia) is made by a small group of Yawanawa healers.

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This grounding rapé with Paricá and Bobinsana (Calliandra angustifolia) is made by a small group of Yawanawa healers. They say that the elemental spirit of the Bobinsana brings you ‘The Hug of Light’. It sweetly motivates in positive direction and fills the emotional gaps. Bobinsana is a special plant that resonates with the heart chakra and opens you up for feelings of love and compassion. Learn more about bobinsana here.

Common effects and use
This rapé gives a strong sense of grounding, putting you with both feet back on the ground. The initial effects are intense, but soon make way for pleasant clearing of the energetic body. It is a powerful cleanser which resonates with the stomach and solar plexus. It may elevate the mind and eliminates physical and mental tiredness.

The rapé can be good, but the strength depends on the blow. The yawanawa talk about 3 different ways to administer the rapé: short and strong, to wake up, get present, long and strong: to clean the mind & spirit long, starting soft and strong in the end: for meditation, entering into trance, ceremonial use.

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