Energizing rapé

Energizing rapé


Origin: Brazil/Ecuador
Tribe: Own blend
Content: Mapacho | Guayusa | Yarumo tree
Uses: Energetic, good for staying up late, lucid dreaming

This unique guayusa Rape is made with the leave of the increasingly famous Ilex Guayusa and ash of the Ecuadorian Yarumo tree (Cecropia peltata).

♥ Available in 5 and 10 gram!

♥ Aluminum tins keep your rapé fresh! And are easily recyclable 🙂


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This unique guayusa rapé is made with the leave of the increasingly famous Ilex Guayusa and ash of the Ecuadorian Yarumo tree (Cecropia peltata). Guayusa is a sacred plant that can be used in various ways. In Ecuador people use the leaves of the guayusa tree to brew a potent tea. Traditionally, men drink this tea to sharpen their senses and increase their hunting skills. That is way this drink is also referred to as ‘nightwatch’ tea. Research into the historical use of rape suggests that guayusa was also used plants in ancient rape recipes. We revived this ancient recipe by asking a friend and master blender to mix a special rapé blend according to this old recipé. The addition of guayusa to this rapé makes it an energetic mixture. The leaves of the Yarumo are burned to ash and often use as llipta for coca chewing. In this rape it functions as an activator for the psychoactive compounds of the mapacho and the guayusa.

Common Effects & Use

The rape has a greenish-grey colour and a vegetal aroma with earthy tones in the back. It delivers is sharp blow, which gets you back on to your feet. Wheter you want to start your day with a boost or stay up late for your nocturnal duties, this rapé is your alley!

The guayusa leaves are harvested by the Quechua people in the primary Amazon jungle in Ecuador. They are shade dried on sacred Quechua land. Needless to say that the guayusa is not treated in any way. The sun dried it, that’s all.

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