Connecting Rapé

Connecting Rapé


Origin: Kanamari tribe
Region: upper Jaruá River, Brasil
Content: Mapacho | Jaguar Tree | White Cacao
Uses: Thorough grounding, healing, empathogenic effect.

This rape is a typical blend for the Kanamari people. It contains a powerful Mapacho in combination with macambo, which is also known as Jaguar Tree.

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This Kanamari Macambo rapé is a typical blend for the Kanamari people containing a powerful mapacho in combination with macambo, beter known as the Jaguar Tree. We love this rapé! It contains the elemental plant spirit of the Jaguar tree. It taps right into the energy of the shaman soul, called Pidah Diwahkom or Kohona (‘Jaguar Heart’). Traditionally, the Kanamari people believe that the shaman assumes a jaguar form when he leaves his human body. Some believe that the Kohona transcends into the Inner Sky, while others believe that it will roam the realm of the ityonim, a word which refers to ‘world’, ‘forest’ but also ‘time’. Isn’t that beautiful?!
We bought this rapé from Raimunda Kanamari. She is 70 years old and one of the few elder women that keeps the tradition of preparing rapé alive in her tribe. Every three months she travels eight days downstream the Jama river to the Brazilian city of Atalaya to exchange rapé for other goods.  You can read more about the Kanamari people and their shamanistic rituals here.

Common use and effects

Jaguar Tree is a wild cacao and related to the commercial cacao which we commonly know and consume. The Kanamari people use ashes from the inner bark from the jaguar tree to balance out the relatively high content of mapacho. They use this rape when meaningful enthusiasm is needed during celebration time, to work, to heal sicknesses and even to teach someone a lesson. Release your inner jaguar!
This rape appears as a brown-reddish powder and has a deep earthy smell with hints of chocalate and cigars. It’s soft in the nose, due to low ash content, but high in mapacho. This is something you learn to appreciate. Do you want to learn more about rapé, check out the guidelines for taking rapé!

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