Guidelines for taking rapé

Rape explained

Guidelines for taking rapé

Recently tribes started to share their sacred medicine with foreign people, resulting in the spreading of knowledge on ritual use of rapé often in combination with ayahuasca ceremonies.

Working close with communities, paying a fair price, and investing in replanting trees and plants used for the preparation of rapé, we help to sustain these traditional practices for future generations. Our goal is to connect people to the visionary states of knowledge, creativity, self-mastery and awakening, so that we can experience the love, joy, and abundance that is our birthright and ignite the global spiritual awakening needed to heal our planet. The sacred shamanic snuff known as rapé has been used by tribal cultures in the Amazone region for ritual, medicinal and recreational purposes. The preparation of rapé relies on the plant wisdom that has culminated from thousands of years of tradition.

What is rapé?

Rapé is a fine powder from plant material, typically containing the pulverized leave of the Nicotiana Rustica. Related to the N. Tabacum, which is commonly smoked in ciga-rettes, the dried leave of N. Rustica better known as mapacho contains a relatively high amount of nicotine. The powder that is obtained by vigorously pounding the dried leave is mixed with bark ashes.

The admixture of alkaline ashes balances out the share of mapacho and is believed to function as an activator for the psycho-active com-pounds of the rapé. Further additions to the blend may consist of roasted seeds, dried and powdered resin, or sundried leaves of plants other than the N. Rustica for either aromatic or medicinal purposes. Each tribe may make a variety of blends, using different plants with wide-ranging effects.

The effect of rapé

Commonly effects are described as giving a sense of grounding and assurance by bringing the mind and the body at ease. Clearing the mind from tangling thoughts allows to set new intentions.

More profound effects of rapé are experienced at higher dosage and mor important, when one develops a higher sensitive awareness that attunes to the sensations rapé may generate. Getting accustomed to the sensation, becoming known with different ways of applying rapé, building a tolerance for the mapacho, but most important, being in touch with your energetic body, is what allows you to move beyond the more superficial effects of rapé.

The native use of rapé is surrounded with the believe that rapé can increase your focus, presence, and intuition; spiritually opening up your body and mind to higher communication and holistic thinking. It releases emotional, physical and even spiritual illnesses, easing confusion and negativity.

Guidelines for taking rapé

  • STEP 1
    Find an appropriate place to take your rapé.
  • STEP 2 
    Ground yourself into the present moment and focus on your intention for this prayer. What information are you hoping to receive from the plant medicine? What guidance are you seeking from the spirits of the forest?
  • STEP 3 
    Recite your rapé chant of prayer as you measure out the amount of rapé you want to consume on the palm of your hand. You may want to flatten out and shape the quantity of rapé for easier scooping.
  • STEP 4
    Load up the nose end of your rapé applicator with half the amount on your palm, scooping towards yourself, in the direction of your heart. Tap the V end on a hard surface to remove any stuck rapé or air pockets.
  • STEP 5
    Take a deep breath, place the mouth end of your kuripe into your mouth and fit the nose end snugly into your nostril. First the left nostril. In this step, we let go of whatever is blocking you.
  • STEP 6
    Lean forward a little, close your eyes (so you don’t blow rapé into them) and forcibly blow the rapé into your nostril.
  • STEP 7
    When you are ready, load up the nose end of your kuripe with the rest of the rapé on your palm. Repeat the step 5 and 6 for the right nostril. With the seconde dose you can set your new intentions.
  • STEP 8

    Try to avoid breathing to your nose for a while. Just breath naturally through your mouth. Your nose might be runny and as will start tearing. This is totally normal, just let it flow. Fireworks in your head?! YES! Try not to fight too much against it. Those are only initial and will fade away as soon as you let go.

  • STEP 9
    After some minutes you might want to excrete the rapé by blowing your nose in to a napkin. If mucous works its way up from your throat, again, this is totally normal. Don’t force it out, but when it comes, gently cough up and spit out.
  • STEP 10
    Now it’s time the fully experience the effects of rapé in your body. What does it do? Can you feel energy flowing? Where does it flow? There is not a perfect question to ask, just been attentive and observant, wherever it might bring you.
  • Thank the people around you, thank the plants, and perhaps most important.. Thank yourself! Be thankful for this moment that you cut out of your day. Whatever you do, for whatever reason, the best guideline might be.. do it with ease and peace of mind. Treat it with the respect that it deserves; not only rapé, but everything that surrounds you.

    Thank you for reading! Have fun ♥

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