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Commonly effects are described as giving a sense of grounding and assurance by bringing the mind and the body at ease. Clearing the mind from tangling thoughts allows to set new intentions. More profound effects of rapé are experienced at higher dosage and more important, when one develops a higher sensitive awareness that attunes to the sensations rapé may generate. Getting accustomed to the sensation, becoming known with different ways of applying rapé, building a tolerance for the mapacho, but most important, being in touch with your energetic body, is what allows you to move beyond the more superficial effects of rapé. The native use of rapé is surrounded with the believe that rapé can increase your focus, presence, and intuition; spiritually opening up your body and mind to higher communication and holistic thinking. It releases emotional, physical and even spiritual illnesses, easing confusion and negativity.
We believe that it is important to raise awareness of the societal and cultural context in which the use of rapé is imbedded. We're developing an article database with introductory information on indigenous and tribal cultures related to rapé. Would you like to know more about the Amazon indigenous people? Then Check the website of Indian Cultures. Also the website of Povos Indígenas no Brazil gives an elaborate overview of tribes indigenous to the Brazilian Amazon. The articles are supported by anthropological studies and documentations. This makes it a trustworthy source of information.
Traditionally, it is administered through either the Tepi or Kuripe. The Kuripe is a for self-administration and the Tepi is used when blowing the snuff for another person. The V-shaped applicator or Kuripe, connects the nostril to the mouth. The Tepi is a long blow pipe that connects the nostril of the receiver with the mouth of the blower, who then blows the rapé into the nose of the receiver. Check our assortment of applicators here.
Rapé  (the 'r' is pronounced as an 'h' in Brazil and has the emphasis on -pé)  is a tradition used by various indigenous tribes of South America, predominantly from the tribes people of Brazil and Peru. Rapé is a snuff which is blow into each nostril through a pipe known as a ‘Tepi’, which is either made from a hollow bone or bamboo. Each tribe has their own formula of plants, trees, seeds, most commonly combined with a pure form of mapacho (N. Rustica) from the Amazon and an alkaline ash called tsunu, like Murici, Yarumo, or Inga. The rapé is prepared in a ritualistic way by specific members of the tribe. From a traditional perspective, rapé is a sacred medicine and shaman tool, used for ceremonial, medicinal and recreational purposes.
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